'A Life Changing Experience'

The Landmark of where Ruth is laid to rest. RIP Ruthie

November 4, 1967 - April 4, 2010

Last Photo Shoot

Ruth's favorite holiday was Christmas. This picture was taken on Christmas Day 2009.

Ruth's last Birthday Party 2009.

She was happy that day but sadden at the same time. We had invited so many friends that lived in Florida, but only her family and 2 couple friends showed up. That was a disappointment for her and her family. Laughter with her nephews and nieces changed it all.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Walk in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2009

Ruthie had over 55 family, friends and friends of friends walking with her.

This picture was taken before Ruth's "Life Changing Experience"

She was beautiful with her long hair and remained beautiful with her short buzzed cut.

Ruth's Logo

When her sisters told her that they were going to create a website to keep her family and friends informed of her progress, she wanted her logo to represent Christianity (cross), favorite color (purple), favorite flower (calla lily) and something that represents her good and bad cells.

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia PH+ (A.L.L. PH+)

ALL PH+ is a fast-growing cancer of the white blood cells. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell that the body uses to fight infections. In A.L.L., the bone marrow makes lots of unformed cells called blasts that normally would develop into lymphocytes. However, the blasts are abnormal. They do not develop and cannot fight infections. The number of abnormal cells (or leukemia cells) grows quickly. The word "acute" in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia comes from the fact that the disease progresses rapidly and affects immature blood cells.

The Ramirez Family

Our Parents had 12 children in which 9 survived, Ralph, Luis, Yolanda, Evelyn, Antonio Jr, Noemi, Samuel, Mary and our baby Sister Ruth.

The Diaz Girls

My daughters, Jozilyn Ruth and D'onna Lyn
A 41-year-old, beautiful young lady, who one day woke up, fainted in the shower, three weeks later was diagnosed with A.L.L. PH+ and her life changing experience begins......
Although this website was created as a communication method for my family and friends, I decided to make this website a people website so that I can also enjoy all the events that I am not able to attend. Ruth Ramirez