Chapter 5 – Oh No! Not Another Transfer

June 19, 2009, Ruth’s Experience Leaving
North Shore University Hospital

Paula, Ruth’s Care Coordinator came into Ruth’s room to tell her that she will be transported to the Acute Rehab Center in Glen Cove between 3 – 3:30 p.m.  The EMTs got there around 4:00 p.m. and prepared her for the trip.  On her way out, all the nurses and aides were waiting at the nurse’s station to wave goodbye. Some of them even got emotional including Doctor Ahmed (her main Physician) with some of her nurses.  Ruthie vowed that she will definitely be back ONLY to visit.

Our sisters Evelyn and Noemi to their surprise found Ruth sitting in a wheelchair smiling from ear to ear with her warm-up suit and sneakers like if she was ready to go home.  She looked so peaceful. Evelyn and Noemi got emotional just watching her.  They even brought her “tostones and Pollo Frito” (plantains and fried chicken) that she was craving from the night before.

Today is a special day for Ruth because she is now able to shower and do her normal hygiene stuff.  However, she was also saddened because Evelyn and Noemi had to cut her hair very short.  It had not been combed for ….we won’t say….It was hard to comb her hair when she had those severe headaches…. and she would not let us touch it.  Look at the picture above, doesn’t she look beautiful?

Well, today is another day at the Rehab and this is Ruth’s first week.  The facility is beautiful but it’s in the boondocks.  It’s way far about another 30/45 miles to drive from North Shore University Hospital.  It’s not easy for our family to get there on the weekdays but most everyone visits on the weekend.  Ruth is feeling very lonely and just wants to go home.  We told her that this is her last stop before going home.  The facility’s goals are to make sure that she is strong enough to be independent but we also know that God will give her strength to continue moving forward and we thank God every day for another day.

The Ramirez Family was so excited to announce this past week that Ruth’s website had been published. Part of Ruth’s therapy has been to visit her website.  Although she has given us information to post for her friends (Thank you page and others), she has not been able to fully view all the pages.

Today, Wednesday, June 24, we received a progress report from Elyse from Social Services.  Ruth has walked 50 feet by herself….GO, GIRL! She continues to need help sitting and standing.  They are considering to have her stay at this rehab until July 4th.  SO GET READY! We are going to have a CELEBRATION! We will let you know of the continued progress and where the celebration will be held. As the day continued, Noemi spoke with Ruth over the phone. Noemi was so excited to hear that during the recreational therapy, Ruth was able to go to her website and view the encouraging messages that her family had posted.  She was able to view the photo pages and was so overwhelmed in knowing that so many people love her so much and are anxious to hear about her next progress.

So if through your window there is a new day breaking Thank God for the promise, though mind and soul be aching.

Today, June 25, Ruth called to say that she had her Physical Therapy this morning and was getting ready for the afternoon recreational therapy.  (She is dialing the phone! YOU GO, GIRL!)  Ruth was able to send a Facebook message to her Sister Noemi and here it is:

Sent: 6/25/2009 1:52:57 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Ruth Ramirez wrote on your Wall…

Ruth posted something on your Wall and wrote:

“i canno find the words to thank you
for everyhing you have done for
mr thru this rough time.  i know that
within a few days i will be able to have
my family in front of me and i can express
to all my sincere thanks.  get the bbq
together i am coming home”

6/26/09 Mary spoke with Ruth today and is very excited to say that she is progressing well. She is walking over 100 feet and enjoying her recreational therapy.  This is the time where she can go onto her website.  Also, don’t be surprised if you receive a note from her. During her physical therapy, Ruth was able to walk from one side to the other approximately 120 feet.  The therapist kept asking if she was tired and she said no.  The therapist was very impressed with her determination. She gets frustrated because she feels like she is learning something she already knows but is having a hard time figuring it out. She is learning where to place her fingers on the keyboard. They are giving her math problems to stimulate her brain. She says the problems seemed easy but she is having a hard time figuring out the answer.  She says she can’t explain it and gets tired just trying to understand it all. We can’t imagine what Ruth must be going through to feel and know you’ve done all of this before, but your brain is not registering it right now.  We feel for our sister Ruth and we wish we could do more.

Next week the family will be trained on how to work with Ruth while at home.  We know that many are wanting to help us with this process as well.  As soon as we get her home we will be in contact with you.  We want to mention that Sunday the 21st was a special day for the family as we launched Ruth’s website. Over 500 hours have been spent in putting this website together. Thanks to all for providing us with pictures, poems, and songs to post.  Ruth has a lot to read, but rest assure that she will read every word and will send you a personal note once she returns home.  Our family is totally amazed at all the messages pouring in from friends, family and even those that don’t know her sent her encouraging messages. Thank you for loving our sister Ruth.

Just tonight, we received a special message from Jozilyn, Ruth’s older Daughter.  It was such a touching message to her mom, family & friends.  You can read it on their special page to their Mom (My Daughter’s Page).

Ruth is ready to start on her occupational therapy.  When Ruth returned from therapy, she shared with her sisters that she was able to get on her website that morning. As part of her therapy, she was able to send a message to her Uncle Fredo.  She said it took her 45 minutes to type a few lines.  She also went into her inspirational message page and was emotional.  She was so overwhelmed to read the awesome messages from so many people.  After her therapy, she spoke with her brother Sam in California.  At first, Sam wasn’t sure which sister he was speaking with until she said, “what’s up meathead” and all we saw was her reaction and started laughing and kept saying “are you there?”.  I can only imagine what my brother was feeling at that moment listening to Ruth speak so clearly.  She said she misses him and can’t wait to see him when he comes in August.  After that call, she received another call from her sister Yolanda in Florida.  She got a teary eye, we are not sure what the conversation was about, but we just saw Ruth laughing and said, “I love you and I will see you soon”.  Evelyn and Noemi took Ruth to the patio to breathe fresh air since it had been over 3 months indoors.  She was taken back to her room where she ate a huge slice of pizza that she was craving.  Ruth also spoke to our Mom and told her that she was ok.  Mom shared with her that she was in the hospital too but that she was ok and not to worry. How can we not worry about our Mom?  Ruth also spoke with our Cousin Papo who was visiting our Mom and he promised to see Ruth during the week.

Today, Ruth was happy because she had a home cooked meal from Evelyn’s Kitchen.  Monday, June 29th, Ruth did great at therapy.  She is walking over 150 feet and that is great according to the Doctors.  This means that she will be going home probably on Wednesday.    She is counting the days.

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