Chapter 6 – Welcome Home

Today, July 1, 2009, is a day we have been longing for.  It has been difficult for Ruth and the family ever since she was admitted to the Rehab Facility not able to see her every day.  Overall, we really tried to make the best of it. She has worked very hard during her therapy sessions. Yesterday, was her last day of therapy and she walked over 200 feet – TWICE.  The therapist was very impressed and realized that she really, really, really, wants to go home and doesn’t want to spend another day there.  Well, TODAY IS THAT DAY! The family is getting ready to pick her up at around 11:00 a.m. with her very dear friend Danny from Justicia Band along with our sister Noemi.

Mary spoke with Ruth just shortly before leaving the facility and she is emotional and nervous.  We all know that it will take time for her to adjust.  After all, she has been in a hospital bed for over 3 months.  We are expecting that the family will be home to greet her when she arrives. Our sister Noemi and Ruth’s band friend Danny, picked up Ruth from the Rehab Center.  She just couldn’t believe she was going home.  I guess it was like a dream for her and for the family as well.  You can see below the video that was taken from a camera even though it’s not very clear but you’ll get the picture.


July 19, 2009, it seems as if we haven’t written for several weeks.  Since Ruth has been home, we’ve had good and bad days.  We are now giving you our updates.  The first picture is Ruth with her new baby nephew Aiden Torres.  She had not seen him for over 3 months and always asked for him.  She was so surprised to see how much he has grown.  And he is really a ham…can’t you tell…..I am so glad that he put a smile on her face.  The second picture of Ruth is the first home cooked meal.  She was in the mood for spaghetti.  The third picture is Ruth with one of her nurses Janice from North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset.  This nurse kept encouraging Ruth not to give up.

We decided to backtrack a little to July 1, 2009, the day Ruth was released from the Rehab center.

On July 1st, before her sister Noemi and band member, Danny got to the rehab to pick up Ruth,  a woman by the name of Vivienne Gonzalez, from the Homecare Department, passed by Ruth’s room and felt she had to turn back. The woman sat down and began to explain to Ruth the procedure of having a Nurse come to the house. She proceeded to tell Ruth that she reviewed her file and that she was witnessing a miracle.   Everything that Ruth had been through, Vivienne said only God can do this.  It’s a real miracle that Ruth is here.  She told Ruth not to worry because everything was going to be all right.  Ruth explained to her sisters what had happened and that this Homecare worker was not only a Christian but a Minister.

July 4th was a long weekend and many of the family came to see Ruth at the house.  She was still receiving visits from family on July 5th. This was the day she saw her nephew Eric and Baby Aiden who is three months old.

On July 6th, Ruth did the usual, had breakfast then took her meds.  All of a sudden, she realized that her arm was swollen. During the RN visit, the RN suggested taking Ruth to the emergency room because of the swelling and the warmness in her left arm.  Noemi took her to the emergency room all the way to North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset.  Her sisters stood waiting in the emergency room. They ran some tests on Ruth to make sure there was nothing serious going on.  This was a difficult time for Ruth’s sisters Noemi and Evelyn to see Ruth once again, go through what had been a terrifying 3 months. It was as if it was starting all over again. But God came to the rescue and all the tests came back negative with no kind of infection which was everyone’s fear.  They sent her back home with instructions to keep her arm and leg elevated.  Ruth was excited to hear this news that she decided she wanted to go to the Monti 7 which was the floor she was on for several weeks.  Ruth was able to see several nurses that took care of her, and they were excited to see her.  They all began to take pictures. Ruth even took a picture with Janice, one of the nurses that were so attentive to her.

Evelyn called Cristina her friend to bring the clippers because Ruth was ready to have her head shaved.  It came to a point that Ruth did not want to see herself in the mirror.  Cristina came over and began to share with Ruth about some of her clients who also have cancer and they go to the Beauty Salon to have their wigs cleaned up.  Cristina prepared the clippers and began to shave Ruth’s hair. When Cristina was done Ruthie looked at herself. She loved what she saw and so did those that were around her which was her sister Evelyn and her niece, Natalie.

On 7/12/09 Evelyn shared with her sister Noemi the experience Ruth had with Cristina the day before. When Noemi turned around there was our baby sister Ruth in the back of the car with no scarf on her head and she was just smiling. For a moment, Noemi didn’t know if she should cry or be happy for her.  Ruth was so at peace with the decision she had made and it made the rest of the family also feel at peace.

On 7/13/09 Ruthie had another visit from her Home Nurse Daniel. We got a good report. Ruth’s appetite was better and she’s walking so much better. She even attempted walking without the cane. That afternoon the Physical Therapist came and took Ruthie out for a walk. When she got back, she was so tired from all the walking.

On 7/14/09  was Ruthie’s first follow up appointment since she was discharged. Noemi went with her to the doctor’s office. When they got there, they were so impressed at how beautiful the Monti Cancer Center was.  Ruthie had to go and have some blood drawn. She was finally called by her Doctor and he gave her the results of the blood work. All her counts for, calcium, potassium, platelets were good and then they told her that she HAD NO CANCER CELLS IN HER BLOOD. Ruthie and her sister Noemi could not stop crying. All you heard Ruth saying was “Thank you, Jesus, Thank you, Jesus”. Her sister Noemi quickly called her sister Mary and shared the news with her. Mary could not stop thanking the Lord. All Noemi kept saying was, “God is Good, He’s not done with her yet”. The doctor asked Ruth a few questions and then told her that they are going to have to do another bone marrow to make sure that there are no cancer cells in the bone.

Noemi and Evelyn could not see putting Ruth through another bone marrow.  This would be her fourth bone marrow and not sure if Ruthie could handle it again.  When her sister Evelyn came to pick them up, Ruthie shared the news with her and Evelyn knew that God had something to do with it. We should be getting the bone marrow results by Monday or Tuesday. When we got home, Ruthie was so tired and exhausted after an extensive exam that she fell right to sleep.

7/15/09 Today was a special day for her. Her daughter D’onna and her father were coming to visit her. They got there and Ruthie shared the news with them and they just hugged and cried. She spent the morning and afternoon with them and that brought a smile to her face.

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