Chapter 7 – My New Look!


One of the hardest effects of cancer is the loss of hair.  We all know it’s inevitable that anyone taking chemo loses their hair.  What can you say to your sister?  How do you deal with watching your hair fall? Mary and Ruth spoke about this and they came to the conclusion that it was easier to cope with not having any hair than to see it fall in bunches.  Ruth has a pretty round shape head.  She really doesn’t even need a wig as she looks so pretty as is.  Oh, by the way, don’t ask about the gray pail on her lap.  You can only imagine what it is for. Maybe next time, we’ll find a prettier one.

This past week has been hard for Ruth.  She has been vomiting every day. Oh, how we continue to pray that God will give Ruth strength and peace as she continues to cope with this disease.

7/20/09 – Today was a rough day for Ruth.  She got up this morning with some numbness on her left side and her left leg had a “twitch”, it wouldn’t stop shaking.  The EMT was called and she was taken to Forest Hills Hospital.  Dr. Hamdani and other doctors were ready to do a CT Scan and blood work. Dr. Hamdani got some results from the Radiologist in which they saw some bleeding in the brain.  Dr. Hamdani diagnosed Ruth having a “Focal Seizure”. The doctor quickly got in touch with Dr. Kolitz’s assistant Suzanne which she also shared that the results of the Bone Marrow are in “REMISSION”. Within an hour Ruth was on her way to North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset which she was put into a room the next morning.  Doctor’s confirmed that Ruth had a seizure which was called a Subdural Hematoma. Extensive testing was being done to see the cause of change in her behavior.  The cause of the chemical imbalance is due to the bleeding or possibly a combination of medications which can cause hallucinations as well as psychotic behavior. The test confirmed that there was a bleeding on the right side of the brain that caused the focal seizure.

7/23/09 – Noemi, Mary, and the Doctors realized that Ruth is not herself and they are anxious to find out what is going on. Ruth had a few more tests done and things are not looking good. We do ask that our prayer warriors continue to pray for our sister Ruth. Previously, she was happy playing board games with her sisters, nephews, and niece.  Once again we find ourselves dealing with Ruth’s health.

7/27/09 – Ruth was finally discharged from North Shore University Hospital. she was prescribed with new medications. Ruth wonders where are the friends and family that said they would be there for her. There are days where she finds herself lonely and a call or a visit would sure cheer her up. It’s been days that the family has been discussing the possibility of transporting Ruth to Florida.  Ruth spoke with her daughters about this move and they felt that it would be best for their Mother to go to Florida.  It’s our family’s goal and objective to make decisions that will be in the best interest of Ruth’s health.   Ruthie also had a surprise visit from her Godparents, Tony and Margie Rodriguez, which she hadn’t seen for the longest since they moved to Vineland, New Jersey. They shared with Ruthie some encouraging words and prayed with her. They brought Ruthie a “Healing Handkerchief” which they put on her forehead while they were praying for her.

8/2/09 – It was 8:30 am when the doorbell rang and it was our nephew Eric with his fiancee Adlin and their two boys Eric Jr and Aiden. Ruthie was so happy to see her nephews and spend time with them.

Here is a picture of Ruthie with Aiden: 

8/3/09 – Ruthie had a surprise visitor. It was two of the band members from “Justicia”, Danny and Freddie. Her brother Ralph also came by to see her. Danny brought his guitar and my brother Ralph had his guitar with him. So they began to “jam” in the living room and they started singing old songs. Even my other brother Louie showed up afterward and also joined in the singing. Ruthie said she had so much fun just singing with them.

8/5/09 – Today, the Physical Therapist came to see how Ruth was doing with her exercises and was impressed to see how well she was doing. Sam, Louie, Noemi, Ruthie and of course our Mom (we couldn’t leave her behind) packed some stuff and drove up to Rochester to our Uncle Fredo and our Titi Maria. The ride was going to be about 6 hours.  Sam and Noemi took turns driving and got to Rochester around 11 pm. We laughed, cried and began to reminisce. We got to see some pictures that were hung around the house of our uncles. During the day, our Cousins came by the house to visit with us.  We took so many pictures together. Ruthie has such a great time absorbing every bit of it.  The hours went by so quick and before we knew it, it was time for us to leave. We got home exhausted.

August 11th, Ruth had another outing with her brother Sam.  They visited their nephew Eric, Adlin and their 2 boys, Aiden and Eric Jr.

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