Chapter 8 – Great Is Thy Faithfulness

When Mary shared with Noemi that we needed to start another Chapter, Ruthie wanted this chapter to reflect God’s Faithfulness.

Today 8/12 is Sam’s and Tony’s Birthday (our Brothers) and to think that exactly a year ago we were celebrating Evelyn, Justin, & Deidra’s birthday.  We had a family gathering at Tony’s house and Ruthie was there looking so well.  We were laughing and singing Happy Birthday to them and taking pictures.

Now here we are a year later and the family is faced with the biggest challenge of their lives.  Our brother Sam decided to spend his birthday again in New York and spend as much time with Ruth as possible. Ruthie weighs 126 pounds and her vital signs are good. Dr. Kolitz was happy to know that Ruthie has gotten her appetite back and she’s not using the “Bucket” (if you know what I mean) as often as she was. Ruthie has the OK to start her trip to Florida which she will be cared for by her family.  Ruth’s daughter D’onna also came to visit her.

On 8/12 Ruthie had a visit from a long time friend, Abner Rivera from Puerto Rico.  He is the son of our former Pastor of El Eden Church, Rev. Miguel Rivera, may he rest in peace.  Like always, He made Ruthie laugh.  He encouraged Ruthie to stay strong and stay focus on the man upstairs. During the evening Sam and Ruth decided to go visit their brother Tony.  His birthday is also on 8/12 like Sam’s.  On the way, they picked up a cake and they all sang Happy Birthday to each other.

On 8/13 Ruthie, Sam, D’onna, and Noemi went to “Las Montas” to have breakfast.  We’re getting ready to order breakfast and our brother decides to eat something different “Arroz amarillo con habichuelas y pollo asado con ensalada” (for those who don’t understand Spanish, my brother Sam ordered yellow rice with beans, baked chicken, and salad. From there we went to the Cemetery to pay our respects to our Dad and Nephew “Tito”. Everyone went to Noemi’s house and for the first time, Ruth became emotional and overwhelmed as she read her emails, messages and looked at pictures.

Today 8/14 Ruthie got up this morning and called her sister to see what was happening. Ruthie sounded in good spirits and she is actually eating her favorite,  a tuna sandwich on a bagel.

8/15 – Sam spent the day with Ruthie and D’onna at the aquarium.

8/16 – Today was a special day for our sister Ruthie. She was having a special dinner with some friends from the band “Justicia” at our mother’s home.


Ruth cooked spareribs which served as therapy for her.  Her brother Ralph showed up with his guitar, we began to sing oldies which our Mom joined in.  A few hours later, her daughter Jozy, the guys from the band and Danny’s wife showed up. Afterward, Noemi’s older kids, Nicholas and Nicole showed up. Nicholas joined by playing the Bongos and Nicole joined her aunts in singing. Ruthie had such a great time visiting with family and friends before departing to Florida. Her nephew Louie, his wife Michelle and their children also came by.  By the evening, Ruthie was exhausted.

8/20/09 – Ruthie mentioned to her sister Noemi that she would like a Minister to come to Mom’s house and have Holy Communion. Ruthie recalls when she was in ICU that Pastor Tony from Metro Church came by to partake in Holy Communion, however, Ruth was unable to participate due to her medical state.  Noemi got in touch with her Pastor Gaspar Valle from Calvary Church and he gladly accepted the invitation to go to our Mother’s home.  Pastor Gaspar asked Noemi to help him prepare the elements for those who will partake in Holy Communion.  Pastor Gaspar talked about the man who had betrayed Jesus. From there, he went into the verses that talked about the Last Supper.  Ruthie began to meditate while she was holding the cup which represents the blood of Jesus…  After the session ended, Pastor Gaspar felt in his heart to pray for Ruthie and then he prayed for Noemi and our Mother.  Ruthie was so grateful to Pastor Gaspar for taking the time to come and see her.   She was also grateful that she was able to participate in the Last Supper.



8/21/09 – Today was a sad day for Ruthie. Her daughter D’onna had spent a few weeks with her and today she went back home to Connecticut with her dad.

8/22/09 – Ruth was anxious to see her best friend Debbie Vega and her boys. Ruthie is the Godmother to Debbie’s son Daniel.  Ruthie’s face lid up when she saw Debbie.  They began to reminisce about the old times (1980s) when they use to go sing at different churches.  The group was called “Baulin Metabel” (Jovenes bendecidos por Dios) which consisted of Ruthie, Noemi, Debbie, Yadira and Juan.  Debbie encouraged Ruthie to stay strong and positive and that God has a purpose with her leaving to Florida. Ruthie shared how her faith has grown and seen the miracle that God continues to do.

8/23 – Today some of our family from New Jersey came to visit our sister Ruthie.  Ruthie’s cousin Olga came to see her.  During this visit, Ruth received a call from our cousin Johnny.  In the evening, her daughter Jozy also came by.  It’s getting to be that time real soon for Ruthie to do her transition to Florida.  She will be leaving the first week of September.  We hope that her family and friends can see her before she leaves.

8/26/09 – Today is our sister Evelyn’s birthday.  Ruthie started her day calling Evelyn to wish her a Happy Birthday. During the evening, Ruthie received a call from a long-time friend Tita and was happy to hear from her.  Tita shared with Ruth how her mother passed away from cervical cancer and her brother also with cancer, had a transplant and doing well.  Tita encouraged Ruthie to consider a transplant as well.

8/29/09 – Noemi and Debbie started their preparation for Ruth’s farewell service.  Messages were sent to family and friends.  We expect to have a full house.  There were friends and family who came over to see her. One of her visits was Carlos Colon, Jr. and his wife Noemi. Another visitor came by, it was Miriam and Romel Quiñones, who are very dear to the family.


8/30/09 – Ruthie decided to go with her sister Noemi to Calvary Church.  They took the opportunity to mention Ruthie’s farewell service that will be taking place on Sept 2nd at 8 pm.

9/1/09 – Ruthie got a visit from a special friend, Yadira and Ralph Coradin.  They began to reminisce about the old times when they use to sing together. It was great sharing the evening with them.



9/02/09 – Today is Ruth’s farewell service at Manantial De Vida in Brooklyn, New York.

9/4/09 – Ruth’s family came to visit, Mary, nephew Eric, Eric Jr, Aiden, Noemi, Nicholas, Nicole, Natalie, Nathan, her brother Ralph, Brenda & Frankie. During the evening, Jozy, Amanda (Papo’s daughter) also visited. Ruthie had a full house all day. We shared laughter and tears. It was a bittersweet moment. We said our good-byes and we know that God is going to see her through all her recovery.  She will surely be missed.

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